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Hello, I'm Sarah, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters in Nutritional Science.  

I am passionate about helping you get to the root cause of your condition so you can heal, thrive, and develop a healthy, happy relationship with food.

I offer nutrition coaching, grocery store tours, diet education for blood sugar control, heart health, weight loss and maintenance and overall wellness.  

I also offer private in home consultations with the option of cooking classes.  

If cooking isn't your thing I am partnered with a personal chef who is able to follow any special dietary needs, and I have many tips for eating for prevention without cooking.


What are your health goals?

I am here to help you succeed and thrive! Health is not an outside job; it starts with getting the inside looking as hot and sexy as your exterior.  If you are not already feeling like a goddess/god, we NEED to talk!  We will get you on your path to finding your inner gorgeous self and letting her/him shine!

Upcoming Events

This is a very valuable recording; educate yourself! You CAN prevent and improve diabetes!


visit www.HealthyLivingRevolution.com/Live to watch it for free!

Make time for self care! Put YOUR health first with Shred10!


I am here to empower you to get healthier and achieve your dreams!

This video is a super awesome place to start, check it out! intro.shred10.com

Tools for Success


Small Changes lead to BIG results resulting in your most vibrant health

Are you eating 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day in a variety of colors?  No?, I wasn't either! That is hard to do and very time consuming! Learn how to bridge the gap here: http://safeYouTube.net/w/mk0d

Come check out my other site sarahsteele.juiceplus.com and learn how to easily add more whole fruits and vegetables to your diet to bring your health to the next level!


GROW Your Own with Tower Garden

Did you know, you can grow your own fresh organic vegetables in your living room or out on your deck!  No green thumb required!!  Check out the Tower Garden here: sarahsteele.towergarden.com



Why Integrative Nutrition and consuming enough plants everyday is key to taking control of your health! 


Our Mission

Products I love and think you'll love too!


-Global knives

-Scout and Cellar Clean Crafted wine


-BEAR mattress

-Hapa Yoga Studio

-West Coast Pilates

-Revitin Prebiotic toothpaste

-Plant Therapy essential oils

-Hannah Anderson (for kids)

-GOVERRE portable wine glass

-Complete vegan protein powder

-Megasporebiotic probiotic from Microbiome Labs


to order these probiotics contact me so I can provide you with my patient-direct code and counsel you on how to use them

-Miele vacuum

-Native natural deodorant

-Prager Brothers bread

-Lululemon workout/yoga clothes

-Croc wedge sandals

I'm here to inspire and empower you to reach your best health and live a vibrant life!


Take time for family fun and meals with loved ones! Slowing down at least once every day will make life more meaningful and in turn more worth living!

Come along for the journey, its a beautiful thing to feel good every day!

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Every month we have fun and empowering events to support your health and happiness goals.  Check back frequently for new postings as there is always something fun happening! Or better yet, sign up below to receive my newsletter for wellness events, recipes, and general tips on staying on top of being a beautiful badass who feels great inside and out!

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